Pyramid Roll
Initial-Pinch Roll
Double-Pinch Roll
State-Of-The-Art Bending Rolls

On these machines, the two lower rolls move horizontally so that their center distances can be adjusted; and the upper roll moves vertically; so the machine can be configured for any job, providing optimum bending, prebending and cone rolling. All functions are hydraulic.


  • Induction Hardened Rolls
  • Three Electronic Digital Readouts (one for each of the rolls)
  • Two Speeds
  • Cone Bending Attachment
  • Extra-Large Openings Between the Upper and Lower Rolls to Accept Some Thick, Narrow Plates and Even Some Structural
  • Easy Retro-Fit of Optional Overhead and Side Support Devices


  • Overhead Support
  • Hydraulic Side Supports
Model Capacity (Mild Steel)
3R UHS-8-350 8' x 1-3/8"
3R UHS-8-400 8' x 1-1/2"
3R UHS-8-450 8' x 2"
3R UHS-8-500 8' x 2-3/8"
3R UHS-8-550 8' x 2-1/2"
3R UHS-10-350 10' x 1-3/16"
3R UHS-10-400 10' x 1-3/8"
3R UHS-10-450 10' x 1-3/4"
3R UHS-10-500 10' x 2"
3R UHS-10-550 10' x 2-3/8"
3R UHS-13-350 13' x 1"
3R UHS-13-380 13' x 1-3/16"
3R UHS-13-450 13' x 1-3/8"
3R UHS-13-500 13' x 1-1/2"
3R UHS-13-550 13' x 1-3/4"

Many specifications can be modified on request; additional cost may apply. All data is approximate, and data and design are subject to correction or change without prior notice.