Hydraulic Press Brakes are designed for moderately heavy and comparatively short bending requirements. Other designs have two bending length capacities - overall and between housings. However, on the AP Model 1020 150 the two are the same, so bending length is not limited to the pass-through distance between housings and there is no need to pay the extra cost for a longer machine. Power to the ram is supplied by a single hydraulic cylinder so ram parallelity during descent and return is assured and complex components are eliminated. Two auxiliary cylinders are used for guiding the ram. With this system, gibs and other costly and maintenance-intensive guiding systems aren't necessary.

The frames are constructed of structural steel and plate weldments providing a dynamically solid and highly stable unit. The standard beds are larger front-to-back than on other machines, allowing for the use of conventional press brake dies and other tooling. The PBS design provides a very large shut height to accommodate not only normal but even unusual requirements. The bed can easily and quickly be positioned for the required die space. Stroke length is adjustable from minimal to the maximum indicated for each machine.

All Press Brake models are equipped with three ram speeds for the most efficient operation: Approach, Bend and Return. They are available in standard speed and optionally with high-speed. All AP Models are supplied as standard with an upper gooseneck die and lower 5-opening die. T-slots are arranged across the narrow dimension of the bed or optionally in other patterns. All models are equipped with stepless pressure and stroke adjustments. Internationally recognized sources are used for electrical and hydraulic components. Power is supplied by an amply-sized central hydraulic system with controls. Operation is by a two-hand control mounted on a console with a trailing lead. Check valves protect the hydraulic system against overload. An emergency stop control is standard.


  • 39" Manual, Rear-Operated Backgauge
  • Power Front-Operated Backgauge
  • Digital Readout
  • High-Speed Models

Electrics are 3/60/220/440 with low voltage at the control. Special electrics are available according to customer requirements. The machines are CE certified for meeting rigid standards of design, production and quality.

With all the features and advantages of these press brakes and presses, the prices are not only competitive, they stand alone.

Capacity, Tons 165
Max Pressure, PSI 3538
Bending Length, In. 40
Distance between Frames,In. 40
Max Die Space - Ram Up, Bed Down, In. 10.83
Max Stroke, In. 11.8
Ram Speeds
Return, In/Min.
Bed Size - F-B x L-R, In. 23.6 x 40
Hole In the Bed, Diameter, In. 3.9
Motor, HP 14
Dimension, L x W x H, In. 81 x 40 x 94
Weight, Lbs. 5280

Many specifications can be modified on request; additional cost may apply. All data is approximate, and data and design are subject to correction or change without prior notice.