COLE-TUVE Single-Initial-Pinch Rolls utilize a design that has gained worldwide acceptance. All sizes use strong cast-iron frames for rigidity and stability.

The rolls are journalled in long-life bronze bearings. The upper and lower rolls are driven by a brake-motor through a heavily proportioned gearbox, producing a single rolling speed. The lower front roll, which is used for clamping the work piece, and the rear roll, which is used for setting the bending radius, are each adjusted by a single handwheel.

A secure locking device keeps the upper roll in proper position during rolling and is easily released to allow the roll to be swung out for removal of the rolled part.  A cone bending attachment is standard equipment and a movable foot control on a trailing lead add to operator convenience and ease of operation. The rolls are grooved for rolling three sizes of round bars. When delivered and connected to a power supply, the machine is ready to operate.


  • Brake Motor
  • Cone Bending Attachment
  • Electrics for 3/60/220/440
  • Low Voltage at the Controls
  • Movable Foot Control with Emergency Stop Palm Button
  • Emergency Stop Wire at Front and Rear of Machine
  • Handwheels for Roll Adjustments
  • Lockable Swing-Out Upper Roll
  • 3 Grooves For 3/8", 1/2", And 5/8" Round Bars
  • Scale to Indicate the Positions of the Rear Roll
Model Capacity (Mild Steel) Rolls Diameter
IRM 1050 x 110 3' x 5/32" 4.33"
IRM 1050 x 130 3' x 3/16" 5.12"
IRM 1270 x 120 4' x 5/32" 4.72"
IRM 1270 x 140 4' x 3/16" 5.51"
IRM 1550 x 110 5' x 1/8" 4.33"
IRM 1550 x 140 5' x 5/32" 5.51"
IRM 2050 x 110 6' x 14 ga. 4.33"
IRM 2050 x 130 6' x 1/8" 5.12"
IRM 2050 x 140 6 x 5/32" 5.51"
IRM 2550 x 140 8' x 12 ga. 5.51"

Many specifications can be modified on request; additional cost may apply. All data is approximate, and data and design are subject to correction or change without prior notice.