Combination Flanging Machine and Circle Shear

Model SDK 6
Max. Plate Diameter 157"
Min. Plate Diameter 17-5/16"
Max. Flanging Length 2"
Max. Flanging Radius 1.38"
Capacity-Mild Steel 1/4"
Capacity-Stainless Steel 3/16"
Motor Power-HP 10.5
Machine Dimensions 168" x 29" x 79"
Weight-Lbs. 4510

Many specifications can be modified on request; additional cost may apply. All data is approximate, and data and design are subject to correction or change without prior notice.


  • One Set of Flanging Rolls Included
  • One Set of Cutting Blades Included
  • Two-Speed Part Carrier (7-14 M/Min) and One-Speed Rotation Cutting System
  • Top And Bottom Flanging Rolls Powered in Rotation with Planetary Reducers
  • Manually Adjustable Sheet Centering for Both Flat and Crowned Dish Flanging
  • Both Cutting and Flanging Operation on the Same Heads


  • Flanging Rolls
  • R.B.: 30 mm
  • R.B.: 35 mm
  • Extra Set of Cutting Blades