COLE-TUVE machines offer you value, versatility, flexibility, adaptability and practicality.  Whether you’re looking for a press, press brake, trimming and beading machine, or a flanging machine, COLE-TUVE will provide what you are looking for with the most economical solution for your needs.

Hydraulic presses and press brakes are designed for moderately heavy and comparatively short bending requirements, available in 3’ and 5’ sizes with 110 or 165 ton capacities.  COLE-TUVE’s presses offer the benefit of being optionally fitted with press brake tooling for an economical alternative.  C-frame presses range from 33 tons to 165 tons.  Multi-axis straightening presses come in 220, 330 and 440 tonnages.  Dish-end forming presses are offered with and without automatic manipulators.

The COLE-TUVE trimming and beading machines can also flatten, flange and crimp and handle mild steel in 18 ga., 12 ga. or 5/32”.

A flanging machine, along with one of our plate bending rolls, will give you the capability to manufacture tank heads.  The ¼” and 5/16” COLE-TUVE models can cut and flange the material on the machine, the larger ½”, 5/8” and 1” models are for flanging and are offered without and without a hole.

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Machines carry the more stringent CE-Certification, meeting European Community standards for design, production and quality.

COLE-TUVE specializes in Metal Fabricating Machinery. Our professional sales team has many years of experience helping people find the right machine at the right price!  COLE-TUVE can help you find the machine that will work for you.

Give COLE-TUVE an opportunity to “roll out our red carpet” for you.  We are certain you will be glad you did.